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Bulk Water Services

C.L. Pitcher Water Company provides bulk water delivery for Swimming Pool water, Water Supply Tanks.  In addition, we provide construction water services for site irrigation, cisterns, hydro-fracturing, dust control and soil compaction and more.

Construction Site Water Delivery Services

C.L. Pitcher offers prompt, professional bulk water delivery and construction water service for construction sites.

Our Construction Water Services Include:

  • Site irrigation
  • Street washing and pressure washing
  • Water delivery
  • Cisterns and underground tanks
  • Hydro-fracturing
  • Soil compaction and dust control
  • Tanker rental
  • Pipe Cleanings
  • Fire systems


In the event that your site does not have a city water connection, we can fully furnish that site with a temporary water connection. A temporary connection means a tanker is connected to your site, remains on site and is replenished as needed. We deliver only potable water, so our water can be used for anything on the site.

Emergency Water Delivery

Many companies spend a lot of time and money preparing for power outage, but spend very little preparing for a water loss. The consequences of not being fully prepared for either could be catastrophic.  Contact our office and ask about our emergency water plans and how this service could be beneficial for your organization. Do not wait for the emergency; get prepared before catastrophe strikes.

Loss of water supply can happen for many reasons, including natural disasters such as: hurricanes and floods, city water main breaks, and water contamination. C.L. Pitcher, Inc. supplies water to your facility with pressure-operated pumps connected to our tankers. Once the temporary water connection is established, the storage tanker is replenished. Keeping the storage tanker on site ensures that your connection is not disrupted until the main water connection is reestablished.


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